Widgets included with WooCommerce

There are several great widgets bundled into WooCommerce which allow you to display all sorts of information in your theme’s widgetized areas. These could be normal sidebars, footers, header areas, homepage, etc…

Here are the included widgets.

  • WooCommerce Cart – Displays the shopping cart contents and links to the cart / checkout
  • WooCommerce Layered Nav – Allows the user to refine products based on attributes
  • WooCommerce Layered Nav Filters – Shows active layered nav filters so users can see and deactivate them.
  • WooCommerce Price Filter – Allow the user to refine products based on price on product category pages
  • WooCommerce Product Categories – Display product categories in list format
  • WooCommerce Products – This includes view for All Products, Featured Products, and On-Sale Products.
  • WooCommerce Product Search – Search products only
  • WooCommerce Product Tags  – Display product tags in tag cloud format
  • WooCommerce Recently Viewed – Display a list of products the customer has recently viewed
  • WooCommerce Recent Reviews – List recent customer reviewed products with ratings
  • WooCommerce Top Rated Products – Display a list of top rated products

There are a few widgets we’d like to highlight below.

WooCommerce Products ↑ Back to Top

In WooCommerce 2.1, we merged what was three separate widgets into one. With this new WooCommerce Products widget you can set three different initial options. You can show all products, your featured products, or only on-sale products. In addition you can set a title for the widget, the number of products to show, and order them in different ways.

Here are a few example setups, you can set this widget to show your most recent products if you show All Products, Order by Date, and Order DESC. You could also show 10 random featured products if you put Number of products to show at 10, then show Featured Products, and then Order by Random. There are plenty of combination options with this one widget.

WooCommerce Products Widget

WooCommerce Products Widget

Price Filter Widget ↑ Back to Top

The price filter widget allows customers to refine products by price by dragging the sliders within the widget to create a price range based on the products displayed on the page.

To use the widget simply drag it to your widgetised region as you would any other widget. It will automatically detect the minimum and maximum prices on the current page to populate the slider.

The price filter widget will only appear on product archives
WooCommerce Price Filter Widget

WooCommerce Price Filter Widget

Layered Navigation Widget ↑ Back to Top

Layered Navigation is a powerful widget which empowers your users to drill down through your catalog of products via attributes, effectively helping them find what they’re looking for quicker.

The layered navigation widget will only appear on product archives
WooCommerce Layered Nav Widget

WooCommerce Layered Nav Widget

Add the widget to your widgetised region as you would any other. Then choose an attribute to filter by and choose whether you want users to be able to filter by “AND” or “OR” query types.

  • AND – If a user selects two attributes, only products with match both attributes will be returned
  • OR – If a user selects two attributes, products which match either attribute will be returned
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