Setting up the WP-PostRatings Plugin ↑ Back to Top

This awesome plugin allows you to change the layout of its output considerably. To get the optimal use of the plugin, we would suggest that you emulate our setup, which is present on the demo of Snapshot. To do this, simply alter the plugin options like on our screenshots below:

Different Layouts: Photo Showcase or Design Gallery ↑ Back to Top

Snapshot has been set up with the ability to function like a photoblog / photo showcase, as well as a design gallery. The built-in theme options allows you to easily switch between between these two options (see above).

The main differences are the fact that the photo showcase does not use an outward link (for example when using Snapshot as a CSS design gallery, the thumbnail wouldn’t link externally, but internally), whilst the detail page uses a larger preview image. There are also subtle layout differences between the detail pages of two templates and we suggest you switch around between the two for experimentation.

Adding Items (Photo or Design) ↑ Back to Top

  1. Go to Posts > Add New in your WordPress admin panel.
  2. Complete all of the fields as you would with any other blog post. The post content would be your description of the item, whilst excerpt is optional and won’t be published anywhere.
  3. Complete the SnapShot Custom Settings as specified below.
  4. Publish the post.

Additional Fields Instructions:

To complete this section, please reference the screenshot below and follow the subsequent instructions:

Custom Settings

Screenshot 3: Additional Fields.

  1. Screenshot (330×190). Upload an image (normally a screenshot of the item being featured) of this size, which will be displayed.
  2. Larger Image (Max Width: 690px). Upload a larger preview image with a max width of 690px and no height restriction. Note that this is only needed when the photo showcase template (1-photo.php) is activated.
  3. Website URL. Enter the URL where this item can be viewed (external from your website). Note that this is only needed when the design gallery template (2-design.php) is activated.

Required Plugins ↑ Back to Top

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