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From v1.6, an email will be sent to learners when:

  • Their quiz is graded (either manually or automatically)
  • They complete a course

An email will be sent to teachers (the author of the course) when:

  • A learner completes their course
  • A learner starts their course
  • A learner submits a quiz for manual grading
Note: Emails are sent to the author of the course, not to the site admin, so if you’re not getting emails, make sure you are the author of the course in question.

Email Settings ↑ Back to Top

Go to Sensei > Settings > Email Notifications to see the email settings.

Here you can select which email notifications will be sent:


Note: From v1.8, there is an option in the ‘Edit Course’ screen to disable all notifications for each individual course.

You can customize the name, email address, and footer text used in the emails:


And you can change the colors used in the emails:


Customizing Email Templates ↑ Back to Top

By default, a typical email will look something like this:


If you want to customize the emails, beyond changing the colors as described above, you can override the email template files as explained here.

Follow-Up Emails ↑ Back to Top

You can use the Follow-Up Emails extension to send scheduled emails to your learners after completing certain actions in Sensei, i.e., starting a course, completing a course, etc.

See: Keep Your Students Coming Back with Follow-Up Emails.

Purchase the extension at Follow-Up Emails  and learn more via its documentation.

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