Product Shipping Classes

Product shipping classes allow you to group similar products for shipping. They work in much the same way as product and post categories.

Certain shipping methods, such as Flat Rate Shipping and Table Rate Shipping, can make use of Shipping Classes for calculating class specific costs.


Flat rates use shipping classes and can be set in WooCommerce > Settings > Shipping > Flat Rate. You must first create the shipping class before adding this via the Flat Rate shipping settings, as explained below.

Note: Table Rate Shipping is a separate purchase and doesn’t come bundled with WooCommerce. More info at: Table Rate Shipping.

Adding shipping classes ↑ Back to Top

Adding shipping classes can be done from WP Dashboard > Products > Shipping Classes. The interface matches that of categories:

Screenshot on 2014-04-21 at 13-57-13

Clicking the ‘Edit’ button will take you to a page with any shipping class options – some Shipping Methods will add their own options to this page (for example FedEx shipping).

Screenshot on 2014-04-21 at 14-00-22

Assigning shipping classes ↑ Back to Top

Edit a product, and the shipping class option is visible:

WooCommerce Shipping Classes - Product Shipping Class

Simple Product – Shipping Class


WooCommerce Shipping Classes - Product Variations Shipping Class

Variable Product – Shipping Classes

Select the classes that apply. Each product can have one shipping class.

Bulk Editing Shipping Classes ↑ Back to Top

To bulk edit shipping classes, go to your Products page, select the products you want to edit, then select Bulk Edit and Apply.

WooCommerce Shipping Classes - Bulk Product Edit

From here, you can bulk-edit your shipping classes.

WooCommerce Shipping Classes - Bulk Shipping Class Edit

Debug Mode ↑ Back to Top

After making changes to shipping settings, we recommend temporarily enabling Shipping Debug Mode under WooCommerce > System Status > Tools:


Then disable when you’re done.

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