Flat Rate Shipping

Flat Rate Shipping is a shipping method included for free in WooCommerce that allows you define a standard rate per item, per shipping class, or per order.

The settings page is found at: WooCommerce > Settings> Shipping > Flat Rates.

Flat Rate Settings

Flat Rate Shipping works with Product Shipping Classes, adding more power and flexibility.

Configuration ↑ Back to Top

In the Settings screen, there are a few options to choose from:

  • Enable/Disable – Tick the box to enable Flat Rates.
  • Method Title – Name the method. This is what the customer sees when selecting a shipping method.
  • Availability – Define ‘All allowed countries’ or ‘specific countries’ to limit where Flat Rates are offered.
  • Tax Status – Define whether or not tax is applied to the shipping amount.
  • Cost – Define a cost applied to the entire cart. You can add additional costs per item to this field. This is covered below.

Advanced Costs ↑ Back to Top

The Cost field allows you to charge a flat rate per item, a percentage based cost, or a minimum fee.

Available placeholders:

  • [qty] – Number of products in the cart
  • [fee] – An additional fee. This fee has two optional arguments.
    • percent – A percentage based on total order cost.
    • min_fee – A minimum amount. Useful when using percentages.


  • 10 + ( 2 * [qty] ) – A base shipping cost of $10 plus $2 for each item in the cart.
  • 20 + [fee percent="10" min_fee="4"] – A base shipping cost of $20 plus 10% of the order total, which is at least $4.

Shipping Classes ↑ Back to Top

If you have shipping classes, the interface adds a few more fields:

Flat Rate Shipping Settings Shipping Classes

  • There is one cost field for each shipping class.
  • No Shipping Class Cost – Useful if you use the Per Class option below. Otherwise, use the Cost field.
  • Calculation Type – Two options:
    • Per Order – Picks the most expensive option based on shipping costs in the cart.
    • Per Class – Charges shipping for each shipping class.
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