Catalog Visibility Options

Catalog Visibility Options transforms your WooCommerce store into a catalog by giving you the option to disable all eCommerce functionality, including the Add to Cart and Buy Now buttons, checkout process and cart.


  • Keeps your store online while building or revamping/relaunching the site
  • Allows you to showcase items in production or in beta
  • Restricts products by country or user
  • Gives you the option to show or hide prices
  • Puts your store online with one click when/if you do want to start selling

Installation ↑ Back to Top

To install this extension, see: Installation Guide.

Note: This plugin does not remove the cart button from your navigation bar.

Options and Configuration ↑ Back to Top

To configure this extension, go to: WooCommerce > Settings > Visibility Options.



  • Enabled – No changes to the way your store functions.
  • Disabled – No purchases allowed for anyone. This setting disables all add to cart functionality, and optionally replaces the Add To Cart button text with what you enter a value for Catalog Add to Cart Button Text.
  • Enabled for Logged In Users: Same as Disabled, however, only applies when a user is not authenticated.


  • Enabled – No changes to the way your store functions.
  • Disabled – Disables all prices in the store. Disables prices for users who are not authenticated, and optionally displays the contents of the Catalog Price Text in place of the products price.
  • Enabled for Logged in Users – Disables prices for users who are not authenticated, and optionally displays the contents of the Catalog Price Text in place of the products price.
When prices are disabled, or enabled only for authenticated users, add-to-cart functionality is automatically disabled.

Catalog Add to Cart Button Text:

  • Optional text to display in place of Add to Cart when purchases are disabled, or enabled only for logged-in users.

You can use the filter catalog_visibility_alternate_add_to_cart_button to insert any content you require. Example:

add_filter('catalog_visibility_alternate_add_to_cart_button', 'my_alternate_button', 10, 1);

function my_alternate_button($content) {

return 'My Alternate Content';


Catalog Price Text:

  • Optional text to display in place of the price when prices are disabled, or enabled only for logged-in users.

You can use the filter catalog_visibility_alternate_price_html to insert any content you require. Here’s a filter example:

add_filter('catalog_visibility_alternate_price_html', 'my_alternate_price_text', 10, 1);

function my_alternate_price_text($content) {

return 'My Alternate Content';


Alternate Content:
Optional content that can be used on the single product details page when prices or purchases are disabled or enabled only for logged-in users. Useful for displaying ordering details, or a log-on form if requiring user authentication before sales are allowed.

Location Filter Options ↑ Back to Top

Location filter options allow store owners to display different products to different users based on country.

To configure:

1. Go to: WooCommerce > Settings > Visibility Options

2. Set the Location Filter Functionality to Enabled.

3. Select the Location Selection Page.
This is the page where you would like users to select their location. The location selector is automatically added to the page you choose, and the countries available are the same as the countries you enabled for WooCommerce .Once you have configured the location selector and a user selects their location, they can only see products configured for their location.Location settings are available on entire Product Categories and on individual products.

4. Decide if selecting a location is optional or required for Location Selection Requirements.

5. Choose to Allow Changes to Location Selection. Or not.

6. Use Geo Location or not.

7. Clear cart when location changes or not.


Product Category Settings ↑ Back to Top

If you view a product category, whether you add a new one or edit an existing one, you have the option to restrict roles for that category and its products. You can choose to show everyone or specific roles and then pick those roles. To configure: go to: WordPress Admin > Products > Categories

Catalog Visibility Product Category Settings

Product Settings ↑ Back to Top

Within a single product you have more options. You can choose who can view this product, purchase this product and view prices. From those options, you can use the category settings to show everyone or specific roles. Specific Roles then lets you choose which ones.



The extension includes shortcodes for use when building alternate catalog prices, alternate add to cart buttons, and additional single product details.

[woocommerce_logon_link]Custom Login Text[/woocommerce_logon_link]


[woocommerce_register_link]Custom Registration Text[/woocommerce_register_link]


[woocommerce_forgot_password_link]Custom Registration Text[/woocommerce_forgot_password_link]



Examples ↑ Back to Top

Alternate Catalog Price Text:
[woocommerce_logon_link]Login[/woocommerce_logon_link] or [woocommerce_register_link] Register [/woocommerce_register_link]

Alternate Content:
To add items to your cart and to view your prices please login below. If you do not have account you can [woocommerce_register_link] and start shopping with us.’


FAQ ↑ Back to Top

Why is my cart icon still in the navigation menu?

This plugin only removes the functionality to purchase items in your store. It does not hide the cart icon.

Why can people still add to cart on the main store page?

If AJAX is enabled for the add to cart button, the product still gets added to the cart. Changing the text does not change its functionality.

  • Example: If you add Read More as text to the button, AJAX still adds a product to the cart.

Turn off AJAX in WooCommerce > Settings > Products > Product Options

Screen Shot 2014-12-05 at 16.54.17


Why are store pages still visible on the sitemap, even if I do not have cart functionality?

The pages that WooCommerce creates during installation remain visible (like on your sitemap). Do not delete these pages; you might need them in the future.

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