WooCommerce Variation Swatches and Photos

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Variation Swatches and Photos is configured for global product attributes, much the same way that WooCommerce handles adding an image to a Product Category. You can use swatches on each variation you have set up.

Setting up global colors and swatches uses an interface you’re familiar with. It’s recommended that you set up any color or image swatches you’ll be using over and over in this way. Navigate to Products > Attributes to find the following screen:


Create or choose a product attribute set to start configuring swatches. For more information about setting up and managing Global Product Attributes, see: Managing Attributes. In the example below, we’ve configured a Color attribute and set up colors as existing terms.


When creating a new term for this attribute, you can choose a color swatch or image.



When editing an existing term, you can also remove or change the swatch information.

Once you’ve configured your Global Product Attribute Colors and Images, enable the swatch picker on every product you’d like to use them.

You also have the option to create color and image swatches on a per-product basis, override the global configuration, or choose them for product-specific attributes.

Setting up Color and Image Swatches Per Product ↑ Back to Top

To use Color and Image swatches, first set up product attributes and configure a variable product. You can use global attributes, per-product attributes or a combination of both.

Setting Up Product Variations

Once product variations have been created, a new tab called Swatches will appear in the Product Data area. This is where we configure the product to use attribute colors and swatches, configure product-specific colors and images, and optionally override defaults of a global attribute.


Enabling Global Color and Image Swatches on the Product

  1. Expand the attribute you want to configure.
  2. Choose Global Colors and Image Swatches from the Type dropdown – uses the swatch configuration you previously set up for this global attribute.
  3. Publish your changes to enable the pickers on the product.

Enabling Per-Product Custom Color and Image Swatches

Per-product custom color and image swatches are used when you configure swatches that are different from the global setup, or when you want to add swatches to a per-product attribute. + Get started by expanding the attribute you want to configure, and choose Custom Colors and Images.

The screen will expand to show you each term that has been configured for the attribute, allowing you to choose a custom color or image for the attribute term. Click on the term to expand the options, allowing you change the settings for this individual item

Configure each term according to your requirements and publish when finished.


Please note: The CSV Import suite currently does not have the ability to import swatch settings.
Please note: Bundled / Grouped / Composite products are not currently supported.

FAQ ↑ Back to Top

How do I change the size of the image swatches?

You can change the size from the Products settings page in WooCommerce 2.1+, or on the Catalog page in WooCommerce 2.0.x.

Screen Shot 2014-04-23 at 10.09.36

Where do I put my template files?

The files should be place in /yourtheme/woocommerce-swatches/single-product/variable.php

Why is the main picture of my product not changing while selecting variations?

WooCommerce Variation Swatches and Photos extension allows you to put pictures or colors for each attribute. It does not however change the main product image. To change the main product image, you will need to go to into your variations options and upload the picture for each variation. An example of why this works this way is because lets say you have two attributes used for variations. Color and design for a t-shirt. You can use Variation Swatches and Photos for the color attribute displaying what the color looks like. The next selectable attribute would be design along with a picture for each design that could be used for the t-shirt. If a color and design is selected, you can have an image from that variation which has your t-shirt design with selected color and design combined.

Why are my swatches not saving?

The Variation Swatches and Photos extension does not save swatches or photos after approximately 30 values (the number is based on the system and can be different). Contact your hosting provider to increase ‘max_input_vars’. This happens very frequently if you have a product with a lot of variations.

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