Flat Rate Shipping

Flat rates is a bundled shipping method which allows you define a standard rate per item, per shipping class or per order. You will find the settings page in WooCommerce > Settings> Shipping > Flat Rates.

Flat Rate Shipping WooCommerce


Flat Rates works with Product Shipping Classes adding more power and flexibility.

Configuration ↑ Back to Top

  • Enable/Disable – Check the box to enable Flat Rates.
  • Method Title – Give the method a title – this is what the customer will see when selecting a shipping method.
  • Method availability – Define ‘All allowed countries’ or ‘specific countries’ to limit where Flat Rates is offered.
  • Tax Status – Define whether tax is applied to the shipping amount or not.
  • Cost per order – Define a flat shipping cost applied to the cart as a whole.

Additional Rates ↑ Back to Top

The additional rates field lets you apply a few extra rates on top of the base flat rate. Define each additional rate on its own line in the format:

Option Name | Additional Cost | Per-cost type (order, class or item)

Option name will be used instead of the main flat rate method title.

Additional cost will be added to the “cost per order” and any other costs defined in flat rate shipping.

Per-cost type can be set to ‘order’, ‘class’ or ‘item’ and controls how the additional cost is applied. e.g. with an additional cost of 9.99, ‘order’ would apply 9.99 to the entire order, ‘class’ would apply 9.99 multiplied by the number of shipping classes present in the cart, and ‘item’ would apply 9.99 multiplied by the quantity of items in the cart.

As an example, with flat rate shipping being £10, and the following additional rates:

Priority | 5 | order
Express | 10 | order

The following rates would be selectable by customers:

  1. Flat rate £10
  2. Priority £15
  3. Express £20

Here is an example of how this looks in the settings:

And here is another example to demonstrate a % for the additional rate:

Slow Rate | 9.95 - 0.2% | order
Mildly Fast Rate | 9.95 | order
Really Fast Rate | 9.95 + 0.2% | order

In this example:

  • The ‘Slow Rate’ is going to add $9.95 – .2% to the entire order.
  • The ‘Mildly Fast Rate’ will add $9.95 to the base flat rate shipping.
  • The ‘Really Fast Rate’ will add $9.95 + 0.2% to the entire order.

Additional Costs ↑ Back to Top

At the bottom of the flat rates screen there is a table for defining additional costs. These are added to all flat rates.

Please note: You should not have any blank rows at the bottom of the extra costs section, this will cause things to break.

Costs Added defines how your additional costs are applied; either per order, multiplied by the number of shipping classes, or multiplied by the number of items.

Costs is a table where you define your actual costs, per shipping class:

  • The ‘Shipping class’ column refers to the shipping class of items in the cart.
  • The ‘any class’ row will apply unless you define a cost for a products shipping class.
  • The ‘Cost’ column must be a numeric cost, exclusive of tax.
  • The ‘Handling Fee’ column can be numeric or a percentage (e.g. 5%) which would be applied to the value of the items in that shipping class.

Minimum Handling Fee can also be set to ensure this minimum is charged when applying fees. This is useful when using percentage based fees.


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